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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 1, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute the abc 7 from broadcast center, this is breaking news. >> this is coming in from on camera county. police just released brand-new details in the deaths of two people and potomac. >> the bodies of a woman and a man or found about a mile away from each other. brianne carter is live at the scene. montgomery county police say they are investigating the deaths of those two people as a murder suicide. a woman was found dead inside
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the garage of a home. a mile away, a man's body was found inside a car that was smashed into a tree. police believe the man in the car killed the woman at the home. it appears the two did not know one another. the woman's husband and the man found in the car work together. according to a preliminary investigation, the suspect went to the home after having an issue at work. the identities of those involved have not been released. we do expect they will be soon. police are expected to provide another update in an hour or so. we will have much more online and right here on abc 7 news. >> thank you for that update. pc police need your help finding a missing teenager. take a look at this picture. 13-year-old destiny burton was last seen in the 1400 block of howard road in southeast.
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she was wearing blue pants, a white shirt with a black sweater, a pink headband, and was carrying a hello kitty bag. >> new at noon, democratic advocate michael gardner is back in jail. he is charged with one aggravated count of -- one count of aggravated sexual battery of a minor. the allegations came to light after he was released from prison after his conviction was overturned in a separate case of sexual battery. he is now being held without bond. the army veteran accused of jumping offense and getting into the white house last month is scheduled to appear in court today. this comes as we hear about another security incident. this morning, the first call
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for secret service director julia pearson to step down. an incident in atlanta was the final straw for maryland democrat roger cummings. president obama was visiting the cdc headquarters. he encountered a security guard, who sources say began to ask on -- act unprofessionally. they discover the man had a criminal record, or at least was charged with a crime before. he should not have been allowed to be that close to the president and allegedly haa gun. added to the latest list of growing scandals tohe secret service. >> there is no confidence in the leadership. >> angry lawmakers blasted the leadership. a 42-year-old homeless and rock veteran made it all the way into the east room before he was neutralized by an agent who happen to be there.
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this is disgraceful. this is absolutely disgraceful. >> i believe you have done a disservice to the president of the united states. >> there was even ridicule to the vaunted agency. >> have you ever heard of these guys? omar gonzalez was indicted on federal and local charges. he is in court today. d.c. police are investigating what they are calling the undetermined death of a 13-year-old boy in northeast. the teenager was shot and killed while he and another juvenile were playing with a loaded handgun. the shooting happened last night inside an apartment on downing street. john gonzalez is live in northeast. good afternoon afternoon. just a tragic situation. this neighborhood is stunned. i want to step out of the way and show you this. it is a very active scene.
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d.c. police have been stationed outside of the yellow brick, three-story building since last night. a team of detectives, including homicide officials, the k-9 unit , and evidence trucks returned, focused on the third floor unit. that is where sources tell us a 13-year-old boy was killed last night while he and a 14-year-old boy, who lives here, were playing with a loaded handgun. moments after the desperate 911 call, police arrived to find the young teen suffering from a gunshot wound under his arm. the bullet made its way to his chest. to children's hospital, where he underwent surgery, but sadly later died. >> i don't understand how to get gun so easy. once they get them, they don't know what to do with them. this investigation is occurring at a time when a city is debating its own gun law. passed a newcil restrictive legislation to
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conceal and carry a firearm. detectives have been out here for several hours talking to the family who lives here. they watchedl us as the crisis team and police officers comforted young man on the street. trying to are still figure out if charges are warranted. the 14-year-old who pulled the trigger last night was taken in for questioning. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> thank you for that report. we turn to the forecast. after a wet start to your wednesday, it seems that is finally starting to clear out. >> the next question is what is ahead for the afternoon. good afternoon. things have been kind of slow on the clearing process. we have been pretty overcast all morning long. the radar is showing a nice clean sweep. in frederick, they are reporting a little fog and drizzle right now. we are doing ok in washington
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dc. the cloud deck is kind of thin. the satellite is showing you more pockets of clouds. despite the cloud cover, are temperatures are not too bad. 70 degrees in the current conditions. the dew point at 60. with the low overcast conditions , they are delayed out of reagan national. they are averaging about 60 minutes. check with your carrier. they are also delayed out of laguardia airport. it to mid to upper 70's this afternoon. there is a big change in the weekend forecast. back to you. search fornse missing uva student hannah graham. inawyer for the man charged her disappearance says police have not told him the evidence they have against his client yet.
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jesse mathieu junior is accused of objection with intent to sexually molest graham. matthew will appear in court tomorrow. you can bet abc 7 news will be there. new month means brand-new laws in d.c. and maryland. breaking down the changes. >> this morning, county officials celebrated a change in the minimum wage. >> this incremental increase will bring workers a step to where increasing and roofing -- improving their livelihood. >> there will be an increase to -- tony five cents by 2017 $11.25 by 2017. at the stroke of midnight, jake's law went into effect.
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drivers texting or reading a fined $5,000 and spent time in prison if they cause a crash. assessing a small amount of marijuana will no longer be a crime in the state of maryland. people caught with 10 grams of pot or less will only face a the, no was in $100 for first offense, up to $500 for the second or third. >> it is just like driving a car. when you break a role, you get a ticket. new taxes for the cyber world go into effect. amazon shoppers living in maryland will now have to pay a 6% sales tax now that the online store has a physical presence in the state. a giant warehouse is set to open next year, requiring amazon to charge customers a sales tax. one resident we spoke to is not too happy about it. they should have things
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online and things in the real world separate. the onlynd is not place where things are going into effect. in the district, the controversial yoga tax does into effect. on jim's, yogax studios, and tanning salons. >> a new twist in the redskins name debate. how the fcc is getting involved in what it could mean for future broadcasts. >> new details on a first diagnosed case of ebola in the united states. how the governor of texas is taking action. >> as we kick off breast cancer theeness month, we examine unique challenges women of color face battling the disease. >>
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>> texas governor rick perry plans to hold a briefing to discuss the first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s.. >> a man recently traveling from liberia to dallas. close who have been in contact with the patient are being monitored as a precaution. it is the first case of ebola ever diagnosed on u.s. soil. the affected patient being treated at a dallas hospital. officials are evaluating 12-18 people who came in contact with the person. >> we will stop this in its tracks. >> three first responders who
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rushed the sick patient to the released from quarantine and will be watched weeks. for three >> we have a seven person team monitoring from closely for 21 days. >> the playoffs like every already infected with the disease, but not contagious. liberia already infected with the disease, but how can. >> the 26th, he came on his own to the hospital. doctors that his illness did not seem unusual and sent him home. on the 28, he was rushed back to the hospital. two days later he tested positive for ebola. everyone who flies out of liberia is thoroughly screened.
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even when you are doing the right things, infected people can slip through. cbc will not release the patient's flight itinerary because they say he was not sick while traveling and posed a no risk to people on his flight. there is a new development this noon in the redskins name debate. thehead of the fcc says agency will consider a petition to ban the redskins name from public airwaves. a law professor challenge the use of the name on broadcast television, saying it violates fcc rules against indecent content. not offer arman did timetable. he has previously said that he finds the redskins name offensive and derogatory, but hoped that dan snyder would change it on its own. >> dan snyder continues to say he will motte. -- not. >> the redskins have a home game
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next week. we have a while to go before that. a huge changes coming in the air mass will get a lot colder by the weekend. coverg issue is the cloud all morning long. [laughter] it has been cloudy. a time lapse. how cool is this? look at the raindrops on our camera lens. you can see a tiny little break there. overall, boy, the clouds have been tough to break today. we did get some decent rain in the last 24 hours. we had about 0.1 inches at dulles. near that as well, frederick. no more rain really expected today. couldn't rule out a stray shower. the moisture has been trapped at the surface.
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we are being controlled by high pressure that is over southern canada trying to work its way through what we wait for our next system of rain and sweep the entire air system out of here. despite limited sunshine, it is really not too bad. you can get away with the short sleeves and a jacket at home. we are getting a little bit of that influence of that marine layer, moisture coming in off the atlantic. 64 degrees at montgomery college in rockville. much in theretty same boat here temperature wise. 60's to lower 70's. we reported little bit more sunshine at quantico. a frontal boundary down to our south. the real cold air is behind the cold front. that is going to be sweeping away by friday. withll be on our doorstep showers and thunderstorms. fall conditions as we head into
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the weekend. be prepared for those changes. i temperatures, 76, d.c. forecast come away will expect upper 70's tomorrow. better chance of a dry day tomorrow. blustery and cool by saturday afternoon. of the the coolest bunch. we could drop down to the 40's for the first time of the season and then we will slowly warm things up next week. sunday football looks good. 40's. >> what about the saturday afternoon nats game? >> windy, but dry. >> we will take it. thee did not dress out of same closet today. don't be surprised to see a see of pink. october is known as breast cancer awareness month. one of the disease is a tough battle for every patient, some woman of color face an even more unique fight.
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>> for three years, marlena questioned her doctor. and --cer was staged to when she was finally diagnosed. >> how are you today? >> him good. cancer free. to some degree, ortiz has defied the odds. hispanic and african-american women are less likely to get breast cancer than white women, but their chances of dying from the disease or higher for several reasons. alture really, there can be stigma associated with breast cancer and that can delay diagnosis. there are also biological challenges, which are medically disposition to to trigger cancers that strike harder and younger. >> african-american women and caribbean american women get a
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much more angry former breast cancer than white women. it is often harder to treat. women ofteninority have greater economic challenges and are less likely to seek out economic care, they are often diagnosed when the disease is more advanced. there is a front line in the battle. regular mammograms. >> the challenge has been getting the message out to african-american women, to caribbean american women, to hispanic women that mammograms are important, that mammograms save lives. >> until now, lack of insurance is the main reason why women skip mammograms. new health laws have made a access easier. ortiz understands firsthand the difficulties women face and advises. >> say something. demand the machine and not just the magical hands. learn which local neighborhood was named one of
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the best in the country. >> there is a winner and a wedding giveaway.
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>> adc neighborhood just received a been -- a d.c. neighborhood just received a big honor. it is one of the best neighborhoods in the nation. pennsylvania avenue has also been named one of the 10 best streets. 1600 pennsylvania. pretty good house there. [laughter] only one couple received the wedding present of a lifetime.
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they won the perfect match wedding giveaway contest. they will get an $80,000 wedding completely free. ceremony, cocktail hour, and a reception up to 175 guests at the theater in southwest d.c. at the waterfront. they plan to tie the knot on january 2. ringing in the new year. >> we will be looking for our invitations in the mail. a little shindig. [laughter] >> jac
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>> check this out. the city of gaithersburg is already preparing for winter. the department of public works it's holding its annual snow rodeo. aned events including obstacle course. an award ceremony will be held after the event. >> just a few cones. >> i think it is supposed to be moving that. >> no snow talk in your forecast. 76 degrees this afternoon. we will get a few breaks in the clouds. a hint of sunshine. we do have a cool down.
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